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About Us

JN's Choice Limited is a New Zealand family-owned business operating in Flatbush, Auckland. We are inspired by our vision is to delight our customers by providing a premium, high-quality product and diversified cookware options. We aim to introduce a variety of cookware and kitchenware that brings the taste of innovation, quality and elegance into your home. We provide high-quality cookware products that are carefully chosen and sourced directly from a manufacturer and/or registered distributor.​

We take pride in our team's effort and commitment to meet our customer's expectations. We highly regard our customer's expectations that is why we thrive to offer effective, high-quality products and efficient Customer Service.​

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Our company name JN's Choice came from our family initials. It is a constant reminder of who we are and therefore reflects the careful selection process of products that we sell to represent us. We aim to provide the right quality and proven to last for years. Therefore, we promise to only sell authentic products brands.

We value flexibility and time, that is why we launched an online shop to provide our valued customers 24/7 access to our shop

Our company supports sustainability and to contribute to this our critical selection process for cookwares includes energy efficiency ratings that qualify to standards.

We value integrity and innovation and that is why we promise to deliver the best innovative products to our customers' homes.

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