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Happycall Online shop based in Auckland. We sell in major markets like NZ, Australia and Fiji. Happycall is the most famous premium brand in Korea. You cooking will never go wrong whether you cook meat, poultry, vegetables, noodles, soup and more. Check out our online store for best price cookware.
Happycall Double Pan is a must have pan in your kitchen. This is not only a frying pan but very flexible than it can do most of your cookwares job on the stove. This double pan will amaze you with its no-smoke, no oil splatter feature when frying. Also, cooking in a flip suits every busy chef to cook perfectly, evenly and faster. Happycall Double Pan comes in three different colours pink, blue, and olive green.
Happycall Alumite Ceramic Pots and Saucepans are oven safe and dishwasher safe cookwares. Apart from able to use this in oven, this cookware can also suits stove gas, electric, halogen, and induction cooking. It comes with four different colours and sizes designed to suit your modern kitchen. Its has a non-stick coating making it very easy to clean and maintain. Perfect for gifts on weddings, birthdays, mother's day gift or house-warming gift. And, of course this is a cookware set that you will definitely love to have in your kitchen and on tables.

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Happycall IH Vacuum Pots. Once the lids are locked, this cookware creates the vacuum state similar to a pressure cooker making it faster for a food to cook. Unlike your ordinary cooking pot, Happycall IH Vacuum Pots locks in the taste making each meal so much tastier. This similar function keeps your food fresher five times longer than any other ordinary cooking pots. There are three different sizes that you can choose from for this Vacuum Cooking Pot.

Save $72

Vacuum Pots

Happycall IH Vacuum Pots. Super energy efficient and sure non-stick cooking pot.

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