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JN's Choice is Your Online Store of Premium and Trusted Cookware Brands

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JN's Choice is a New Zealand family-owned business based and operating in Auckland. Our family loves home-cooked food that we make almost three times a day. We love to share our time together in the kitchen and dining. This is why we learned the value of investing with the right cookware which is safe, durable, and high quality. 


We are passionate about cookware and we aim to provide our customers with the best and most innovative cookware available focusing on innovation, functionality, affordability, durability, and safety. We want each home to celebrate their home-cooked meals prepared with ease, energy-efficient, and full in taste.

Happycall Diamond Pan
Happycall IH Vacuum Pots - Std
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JN's Choice Limited -Happycall cookware product selections are designed to fit your kitchen and table in full sophistication.

Learn more about our cookware collections from Happy Call Cookwares, the most trusted premium cookware brand in Korea. We have different kinds of premium IH Vacuum Cooking Pots, Ceramic Pots and Casserole, Frying Pans, Wok, and Double Pans.


Bold Innovation “We believe in innovation”, founder and CEO Hyun Sam Lee. “We will not release a product into the market, without proof that it will revolutionize the way people cook.” Mr. Lee Executed flawlessly in creating our first product, The Happycall Double Pan.  Research & Development Our top four engineers possess 150 years of experience. We dare to use unconventional materials for cookware in order to achieve the highest quality. 

While incorporating advanced manufacturing processes to make durable long-lasting cookware. A fine example is in our line of Hard Anodized Ceramic Pots, a corrosion-free, coated with premium quality ceramic for lasting beauty. Globalization Happycall Headquartered in Korea experienced rapid growth in the cookware industry since 1999. Our efforts have established a presence in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, China, and over 40 different countries. We’ve acquired knowledge of different culinary cultures while improving our own products to a whole new level of quality, innovation, and excellence.

Happycall founder
Happycall Double pan
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double pan 1.PNG
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The Happycall Double pan is Happycall's Flagship product. Flip food easily without a spatula while reducing smoke and odor from spreading in your kitchen. An FDA approved silicone packing seal prevents not only smell and smoke but also from splattering. Tender & juicy food with the ORIGINAL Happycall Double Pan.


Hard-Anodized Ceramic Pot After carefully machining cast aluminum, weight is kept to a minimum while taking strength, durability, and finish to the next level through hard anodizing. Natural ceramic finish inside and out for easy cleaning maintenance. Includes a self-standing tempered glass lid, standard with a wide steam vent.

vacuum cooking pot
Vacuum Pot.PNG

Visibility through the self-standing, tempered glass lid, easily opened anytime during cooking. Fast heat conductive die-cast aluminum body. Hard-Anodized for non-corrosive and non-reactive features. Sophisticated, European design. Compatible with all heat sources including gas, electric, ceramic, and induction.

The world's first Vacuum Pot Glassview cooks faster and locks in flavor and nutrients by cooking with naturally produced steam. Food is preserved fresher and longer inside the airtight pot by utilizing the innovative automatic vacuum function.

  • Induction Capable

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Ceramic Coating

  • Light Weight Aluminum Body

  • Heat Source Ready: Electric Hob, Vitro Ceramic, Gas Hob, Induction

  • This Happycall IH Gold Frying Pan is specially coated with Gold  as a Perfect conductor of heat making cooking much easier and faster

  • Its Gold coating is a known superior material that is resistive to stick for All Types of Cooking

  • Gold is known to maintain the purity even during oxidation does it does not change in color or quality

  • This frying pan is a superior non-stick and scratch resistance

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Premium quality gold material used making it everlasting

Compatible with All heat sources including Induction Heater.
This product can be utilized in any kitchen over gas stoves, highlight electric ranges, hot plates, and Induction Heating that provides over 90% heat efficiency, as well.


Happycall applied its unique scientific pattern to integrate metals with different heat conductivities and melting points and is finished with a special forging method.

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